iMiX16 Pro and Luminair 3 for iPad

iMiX16 apps for iPad can control Luminair 3 app. You can create lighting scenes in Luminair 3 and run those scenes from iMiX16 playlist. For each cue in playlist you can assign Luminair 3 scene.

Luminair 3 is a professional-grade lighting control platform that gives lighting designers, filmmakers and TV professionals, musicians, artists and other enthusiasts advanced wireless control over DMX-enabled lights and other equipment, as well as the next generation of "Smart" lights like Philips Hue. Luminair is built exclusively for iOS devices as a Universal app for iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPhone and iPod touch.

Here is what you need:

  • Luminair 3 app, more info HERE
  • DMX controller, for example¬†ENTTEC ODE MK2
  • WiFi router

How to connect:

How to set up:

  • in Luminair 3:
    • create new project
    • go to Settings and enable OSC Input
    • create lighting scenes
  • in iMiX16:
    • go to Setup section and tap Settings two times
    • set Luminair OSC Host (leave if both apps are on the same iPad or enter IP address of the iPad where Luminair 3 is running)
    • set Luminair OSC Port (the same port number as in Luminair 3 OSC Input settings)
    • go to Playlist section and tap Add Cue
    • in Add Cue window set Luminair scene