MiX16 apps for macOS version 5.0

What's new in version 5.0


  • full 512 DMX channels with editable names and notes,
  • Art-Net protocol,
  • Lighting Scenes (create and edit scenes and add them into playlist cues),
  • Lighting Movement and Color panels,
  • Master fader.

Other improvements and new features:

  • Audio Play Range editor,
  • Video Play Range editor,
  • image channel Always on Top feature,
  • playlist Set Start Time feature,
  • playlist cue set audio and video channel volume feature,
  • fade out fix when audio or video channel is in loop mode,
  • user interface improvements.

What's new in version 4.1

  • Added Toolbar Labels Editor tool (rename main toolbar labels for audio, video and image channels).
  • Added Playlist Cue Editor tool (select multiple cues and move them up, down, duplicate or delete them).
  • Added Send Message to Long View tool (notify your crew on stage by sending text message to Long View window).
  • Playlist Cue - added midi in command for play / stop cue action.
  • MIDI Mapping v1.3 - added midi in commands for go to previous cue and go to next cue actions.
  • User interface improvements.
  • Minor bug fixes.

What's new in version 4.0

  • macOS Mojave dark mode support. Hooray, no more sunglasses when doing late night shows.
  • Minor improvements under the hood. :)

What’s new in version 3.8

  • Added functionality for fantastic remote device Media Monkey Remote (www.audioaperemote.com). As they say “You'll never miss a cue again”. And you really won’t.
  • Added Long View (go to menu View, click Long View… and you will see what we are talking about).
  • Added Channel Display Time option (you can select between Full, Elapsed and Remain display time).
  • Minor bug fixes.

Note: to use Media Monkey Remote functionality go to menu Options and click Media Monkey Remote to enable it.