Video controls


I am wondering if it is possible to have any control over the video output in the iPad application. What I mean is things like aspect ratio brightness contrast saturation etc.

Also, it would be really very very cool if there were any keystoning or mapping tools…

The rest of this app is extremely well designed for performance, but without these types of adjustments to compensate for vatious situations, it’s a bit limited for what I need.  

Any suggestions?

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Quick reply to a last question - of course it does have brightness and contrast for image. You were asking for video ...

I will get back to you about mapping.


Yes, I am asking about video!

Sometimes adjustments in a given venue can benefit from these adjustments. 


iOS does not have this kind of settings for video output. Sorry. We will see what v12 brings ...

Please explain more what kind of mapping tools would you like to have.

Thank you.

Regards, Grega


The kind of mapping that would make possible corner pin flexible images would be great. It would be important that these shaped images could then follow a playlist, so that the particular shapes of projection of a given show could have a time base that relates to the show.  The cue system in iMix is very good, so it could build upon that strength.   The other iOS video mapping apps can’t do this at all, so one is stuck with a single image...

Even just being able to resize images would be good so that different sized images could be zoomed so as to fill the screen, and to move an image around would be useful   It’s just that when working with images of various dimensions it’s hard to make them work together.

it would be good to be able to adjust the speed of video playback too.

Does iOS really not allow for image manipulation like brightness and contrast???