I pad Pro Ios 11.4 error loading local media

I have downloaded many songs locally from my library onto my i Pad Pro but keep getting the code error 10 message saying they have to be local files.  

When I attempt several times to upload the same song the app disappears altogether and I have to delete and upload it again.

Some songs will load correctly, but there seems no reason why some will load from my iPad and others wont.

Can you help me resolve this problem please.  A friend uses an iPad (not Pro) and has no problems. Is the iPad Pro compatible with the app?

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Hi.  I have a problem where I first try to load the song I get an error that it is not local so then I load it so it is local and load it to a channel on iMiX16 but it won’t play — just silence. It otherwise appears loaded but it just is silent when playing. Any ideas?


you can not use music from Apple Music subscription. It is locked and it can not be used in any other app.

Regards, Grega


That's good to know.

I am attempting to upload music from my 'downloaded' music files in my iPad library.  Some will load others won't.

I turned off iCloud library which removed all recent uploads.  The remaining music I can upload.

When I try to add new songs to the Library on my iPad, I receive the message 'turn on iCloud Music Library' to download. ie. I can't download new music without the iCloud on, then when I turn it off, the new music is removed...

I've downloaded a bunch of new songs onto my iPad over the last few days trying to sort this out via my subscription to Apple Music.

Is there anything else I can try? I've tried syncing my music with my desktop Mac.


It seems the solution might be that I cannot upload music downloaded via my monthly subscription (which presumably remains in the cloud, despite being labelled downloaded on my iPad).

I've just purchased two new songs and downloaded them onto my desktop and synced with my iPad and I can upload them to the app.

Is there a way to use music from my Apple Music subscription?



of course it works on iPad Pro. It works on all iPads running iOS 8 or later. Of course newer iPads are recommended because of better performance.

About your problem:

When using iTunes Music and Video library to load media (audio and video) into the app make sure media is NOT in iCloud. Only local media is supported (media stored on the device). To use media from iCloud you have to download it onto device first.

Regards, Grega